Near Drowning Incident Reported in Daytona Beach, Florida at Hotel

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A near drowning incident was recently reported in Daytona Beach, Florida. The victim, a male in his early twenties is reportedly in critical condition after almost drowning in a Florida swimming pool. The victim’s name as not been released, however he is believed to have been visiting from out of town, said Lt. Larry R. Stoney of Daytona Beach Fire. Rescue crews arrived at the 1000 block of S. Atlantic Avenue where they found victim on the pool deck. According to Stoney, the victim, who did not know how to swim, was sitting on the edge of the pool when he fell in. His parents had allegedly gone to their room to retrieve something when their son fell in. Bystanders pulled the man from the pool and performed CPR until rescue official arrived. The victim was breathing on his own by the time he was transported to Halifax Health Medical Center. For more read Near-drowning incident in Daytona Beach, Florida, victim in critical condition.
Drownings are a leading cause of death in children and teenagers. During the summer months drownings and near-drowning incidents are only expected to increase. Below are a few basic Water Safety Tips that can help prevent drowning incidents:
Swimming Pools
– Know where your child is at at all times.
– Surround your pool with a security fence.
– Never leave toys in or around pools that will attract children.
– Avoid using alcohol prior to or during swimming activities.
– Do not depend on floaties and rafts as life-saving equipment.
Water Parks
– Stay with your group or use the buddy system.
Beach or Lake
– Always use the buddy system.
– Swim only in areas where a lifeguard is on duty.
If you would like to read more basic Water Safety Tips please read Importance of Swimming Lessons for Children – Classes Can Save Lives at the Wood, Atter and Wolf, P.A. website.

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