Hurricane Irene Related Surf Blamed for Drowning of New Jersey Man North of Flagler Beach Florida

  • Sumo

Hurricane season is here and in full effect. In fact, more storms hit Florida than any other state in the nation. September is a very active month for Hurricanes in Florida. These storms can be very dangerous and sometimes deadly. Recently, a man from New Jersey tragically died while swimming in rough surf at the tail-end of Hurricane Irene. 55-year-old James Palmer was at a beach just north of Flagler beach with is wife, daughter and son. Palmer went into the rough surf and his family eventually lost sight of him. An unidentified surfer spotted his body floating in the water. The surfer brought Palmer’s body to shore and he was eventually transported to Florida Hospital Flagler, where he was pronounced dead. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the surf Palmer was swimming in was rough about 4 feet or more higher than average because of Hurricane Irene. The death of this man is a tragedy for his family and community. For more details please read New Jersey man drowns due to violent surf from Hurricane Irene.
During this time of year, Florida residents and tourists need to take extra precautions. Hurricanes and tropical storms can be very dangerous and sometimes deadly. Adequate precautions should always be taken to ensure your and your family’s safety.

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