Sometimes Dessert Can Be Dangerous – Four Injured at Florida Restaurant – Dessert Caught Fire

  • Sumo

Eating out is typically an enjoyable time spent with friends or family. However, a dining experience in a Palm Harbor, Florida, restaurant was not so enjoyable for four diners who were burned by bananas foster. In fact, one woman sustained severe personal injuries. According to officials with Palm Harbor Fire Rescue, the 151 alcohol that is poured into the dessert ignited during a Saturday night outing and onto four customers. One victim was a 25-year-old woman who was taken to a nearby hospital after she sustained first- and second-degree burns. Another victim, a 56-year-old woman was also transported to a hospital after she sustained respiratory burns. The other two victims refused medical treatment. The incident occurred at the Ozona Blue Grill in Palm Harbor, an area northwest of Tampa. According to the restaurant’s website, the restaurant serves seafood and steaks with an Asian twist. For more read Victims burned by bananas foster while dining in Palm Harbor, Florida, restaurant.
Although accidents do happen, you can never take too many safety precautions, especially in a restaurant environment. Hot cookware and entrées, sharp silverware, slippery floors, these are just some of the dangers that exist in a restaurant. Restaurant owners, managers, servers and other employees should do their best at keeping a safe environment for their customers.

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