What Statutes Apply to Liability for Dog Bites in the State of Florida?

  • Sumo

Florida has its own set of laws in place that deal with liability for dog bite related injuries and damages. The laws regarding dog bite injuries and damages vary from State to State. In addition, to dog bite laws, nuisance and dog leash laws vary from State to State as well. In Florida, nuisance and dog leash laws even vary from county to county. When dealing with a dog bite or dog nuisance matter, it is important to review the Florida Statutes on point as well as the local ordinances on point.
Chapter 767, Florida Statutes covers dog owner liability for damages caused by dogs. Pursuant to Section 767.01, Florida Statutes, “a dog owner’s liability for damages to persons, domestic animals, or livestock. (Furthermore), Owners of dogs shall be liable for any damage done by their dogs to a person or to any animal included in the definitions of “domestic animal” and “livestock” as provided by s. 585.01.

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