Miami Springs Man Is a Hero – Shoots Dangerous Dog in Miami-Dade County Florida

  • Sumo

A man from Miami Springs, Florida, is being called a hero after he jumped in to rescue and woman and her dog from being attacked by another dog. The woman was walking her dog, a mixed Labrador breed, when, suddenly, another dog came charging from a house they were passing. The attacking dog first went after the mixed Labrador and then its owner. Dan Robling saw the attack from his home. Robling rushed out of his home and fatally shot the attacking dog. Robling said the dog had the woman’s arm in its mouth and was trying to pull her to the ground. The dog was identified as a form or mix of a pit bull, a breed which is currently illegal in Miami-Dade County. Although the owner of the attacking dog was not at home at the time of the attack, a woman at the house stated the canine had just been brought to the U.S. from Cuba. The woman was treated at the scene for her personal injuries, she is expected to be OK; the status of her dog is unknown. To see more on this story please see Miami Springs man called a hero after rescuing woman and her dog from another dog attack.
This woman is very lucky she was not severely injured by the dog’s attack. The dog owner could potentially face civil as well as administrative or criminal charges. The owner of the attacking dog may also be responsible to reimburse the lady for the injuries inflicted upon her as well as her dog.

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