Hawthorne Florida Man Suffers Horrific Injuries as a Result of a Dog Bite Attack in Putnam County Florida

  • Sumo

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office reported a terrible dog bite attack that resulted in horrific injuries to Roy McSweeny – a 74 year old man from Hawthorne Florida. It was reported that Mr. McSweeney had to have both of his arms amputated as a result of a recent dog attack. He also suffered facial injuries as a result of this Florida dog bite attack. It was reported that the dogs were handed over to the local animal control authorities and euthanized. McSweeney underwent surgery and follow up care at Shands Hospital – Gainesville, Florida. See Putnam 74-year-old attacked by dogs – arms amputated.
The dogs involved in this dog bite attack were owned by the victim’s neighbor. Whether the dogs had attacked before or not is irrelevant under Florida law as to legal responsibility or liability for a dog bite attack. The injuries suffered by Mr. McSweeney were certainly severe and may have been prevented with better restraint, supervision and control of these dogs.
In Florida, there are dangerous dog laws in place for most counties. Furthermore, there are dog leash laws in place for most counties. You can read more about each count’s laws as to dangerous dogs and dog leash laws at Florida – County by County – Dangerous Dog Laws and Florida – County by County – Dog Leash Laws.

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