Dog Bite Attack – Putnam County Florida Victim Dies as a Result of Dog Bite / Attack Personal Injuries

  • Sumo

An estimated five million people per year are injured by a dog bite or attack. According to a recently released list of dog bite claims filed with an insurance company this past year, Florida reported 146 dog bite injuries in 2010. In reality, the number of dog bites is much larger because this statistic only includes incidents reported to one insurer. Injuries resulting from a dog attack can range from minor bites to permanent disability or serious disfigurement.
In Putnam County, a man who was attacked by two pit bulls sadly died after being taken off life support. Roy McSweeney, 74-years old, suffered brain damage from severe blood loss as a result of the attack; the dogs severed one of his arms, partially removed the other and attacked his face. The dogs attacked McSweeney after breaking loose from his next-door neighbor’s yard, Deanna Blitch. She said she was watching the dogs for her ex-boyfriend Beau Scurrey but this was not the first time the dogs have attacked. According to the police, no charges have been filed.
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the most common victims in dog bite related injuries are children. The highest rate of injury occurs between children ages 5 and 9. In addition, the family or neighborhood dog accounted for 80 percent of these injuries. The AVMA encouraged parents to educate their children about dog safety at an early age. For more information, see putnam county man mauled by pit bulls dies.

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