Dangerous Dogs Shot by Officers Serving an Arrest Warrant in Orange County, Florida

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According to officials, an Orange County (Florida) deputy was attacked by two pit bulls while trying to serve a warrant. According to a report, because the deputy was in fear of his safety he shot the pit bulls – killing one and “seriously” injuring the other.
Officials say the deputy was attacked when an Orange County gang unit was sent to a home in Bithlo, Florida to serve a felony warrant. The deputy who was attacked sustained minor personal injuries to his lower legs. Deputies later arrested the man sought in their investigation. If you would like to read more on this story please see Deputy attacked by two pit bulls while trying to serve warrant.
Although domesticated, dogs are still animals with inherent animal instincts and dangerous propensities. If you are a dog owner it is important to know the dog provisions of your county and city. Local county ordinances will inform you on how to properly and lawfully secure your dog in order to avoid an event like this from occurring. If you would like to read summaries of the Dog Leash Laws in the various counties of Florida please see our Florida Child Injury Lawyer Blog.

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