ATV Accident and Florida Laws Should Encourage Parents to Rethink ATV Safety and Purchases

  • Sumo

Florida families are left concerned after the recent death a 12-year-old boy of Putnam County, Florida; the boy was killed in an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) accident. For example, Victoria Hobbs and her husband purchased 2 ATVs to provide their family with what they thought would be hours of fun. Now, after seeing the dangers of ATVs, the family is left disappointed and a little frustrated. Hobbs said they purchased 2 ATVS, a smaller sized ATV for her 12-year-old daughter and a larger sized ATV for her husband. Under Florida law, no one under 16 can operate, ride or be otherwise propelled on an ATV, unless the person wears a safety helmet and eye protection. The ATVs also came with their own warning decals: one mandated that no one under 12 can operate without supervision and the other prohibited persons under 16 from operating. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been 447 ATV deaths in Florida since 1982. One-thrid of those deaths involved children 16-years-old or younger. For more read Recent ATV-related death leaves Florida families concerned.
One suggestion to families considering purchasing an ATV is to know their state’s law regarding ATV use by a minor.

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