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What are the Dangers and Risks of Bounce Houses?

Bounce House Injuries What are the dangers and risks of bounce houses?  At many birthday parties, summer camps, day care centers, schools, theme parks, carnivals, and special events, there are bounce houses in place for children to play. There are many risks and dangers to children in or around bounce houses. Some parents are very cautious and do not allow their children to play in bounce houses at all. Other parents take a more moderate approach and allow their children to play in and around bounce houses assuming that there is supervision and control of the bounce house area during … Continue reading

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Florida Pool Parties Can Be a Nuisance

Florida summer pool parties are regular weekend activities. With pools come children and that can lead to an unexpected accident. In Florida law, pools are considered an attractive nuisance. This basically means they are attractively dangerous to individuals. In this case, children may be attracted onto your property by a pool and if they are injured while on your property, then you can be liable. In the summer many kids are out venturing the neighborhood during the day while the neighbors are at work. A pool is often attractive kids, especially on hot summer days like we have in Jacksonville, … Continue reading

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Children Injured by Spooked Horses at South Dakota Camp

Eight children ended up the hospital after suffering injuries from a horseback riding accident at Leif Ericson Day Camp in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The accident occurred when a group of girls were out riding at the day camp; one of the girls’ horses spooked, causing a chain reaction among the other animals. One girl was knocked unconscious and seven more were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Summer is the time for many children to attend summer camps. Day summer camps are becoming increasingly popular for working parents. The American Camp Association offers the following tips for ensuring … Continue reading

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