Are Lost Wages Recoverable by an Injured Motorcyclist / Biker?

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Are lost wages recoverable to a injured motorcyclist or biker in a Florida motorcycle accident? In Florida, motorcyclists and bikers are the unfortunate victims of motorcycle accidents on Florida highways and roads. Many such accidents or incidents result in serious personal injuries to the motorcyclist / biker to the extent that the injury victim is unable to work for a brief or extended period of time. Can the injured motorcyclist / biker collect or pursue a claim for lost wages when there is a Florida motorcycle accident? The simple answer to this question is yes.
The injured biker / motorcyclist can pursue a claim for lost wages in the State of Florida; however, the issue becomes complicated when addressing the method, source, and timing of payment. Many motorcyclists / bikers do not have motorcycle insurance that provides cover or payment for lost wages when there is a motorcycle accident. Furthermore, most injured motorcyclists / bikers do not have a disability from work insurance in place at the time of a motorcycle accident. In most motorcycle accidents in the State of Florida, the injured motorcyclist must turn to or file a claim with the at fault driver’s automobile insurance for lost wages. In most instances, lost wages are not paid piecemeal by the automobile insurance company. In other words, the automobile insurance company for the at fault driver / at fault owner will not make periodic payments to the injured motorcyclist or biker for lost wages. Because of this, a motorcycle accident can put a financial strain on the injured motorcyclist for lost wages.
While an insurance claim can be pursued by the motorcyclist or biker for lost wages, typically payment for such lost wages are made on a one time basis by the insurance company. This is typically done when the treatment is concluded and or when the case is settled. It is important for the injured biker or motorcyclist to have documentation in place to show lost wages. This m may include the following documentation: prior pay stubs, prior tax returns, prior W-2 forms, letters from supervisors, letter of disability from the treating physician, and other documentation.
Florida has specific laws, statues, and regulations in place regarding automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, automobile insurance, motorcycle insurance, and other issues. Because the laws and application of the laws can be complicated, it is often times helpful to have the advise, consultation, and representation from a Florida Motorcycle Lawyer. A Motorcycle Injury Case can be handled on a contingency basis. In other words, if there is no financial recovery, there will be no attorney fees charged for the legal representation.

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