Where Should I Get My Automobile Insurance?

  • Sumo

Where should I get my automobile insurance? This is an excellent question and one that is often posed to me as an attorney who handles automobile insurance claims on a daily basis. There are many choices out there for automobile insurance. Some people select a company that the family has used for years. Others go with an insurance company that has clever advertisements and slogans. Whatever insurance you purchase, make sure that you know what kind of coverage is available and what kind of coverage you have. Do your homework and shop around for a competitive rate. Brightway Insurance is based in Jacksonville Florida and has offices throughout the State of Florida. Brightway Insurance agents are licensed to issue insurance policies for a variety of top rated companies. Daniel Miller is a Brightway agent with an office in Jacksonville, Florida. He works with individuals, family, and businesses throughout the State of Florida. You can read more about his agency at Jacksonville Brightway Agent. Whether you get a policy with Brightway or another agent, it is important to be covered and insured in the unfortunate circumstance that there is a Florida automobile accident.

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