What Damages Are Recoverable in a Florida Motorcycle Accident for Injury Victims?

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In Florida, a motorcyclist / biker, who is injured in a motorcycle accident, will be entitled to seek damages for economic and non-economic losses.
What are Economic Damages in a Motorcycle Accident Case?
Economic damages include the following:
*Past Medical Bills;
*Future Medical Bills;
*Past Wage Loss:
*Future Wage Loss; and
*Loss of Future Earning Ability.
What are Non-Economic Damages in a Motorcycle Accident Case?
Non-economic damages include the following:
*Past Physical Pain and Suffering;
*Future Physical Pain and Suffering;
*Past Mental Pain and Suffering; and
*Future Mental Pain and Suffering.
With respect to Economic Damages,there are typical exact numbers that can be estimated. With respect to Non-Economic Damages, there are no exact measure of damages just estimates based on the severity of the injuries, and the expected life expectancy of the motorcycle accidernt victim. See also Florida Motorcycle Accidents.

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