What Are the State Insurance Requirements / Financial Responsibility Laws for Motorcycle Owners in the State of Florida?

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In the State of Florida, a person can own a motorcycle and have no insurance in place whatsoever for that motorcycle. Florida law under most instances has no requirements for motorcycle owners and bikers. Of course, the laws for financial responsibility are much different for owners of motor vehicles including passenger vehicles, automobiles, trucks, and commercial vehicles. See Section 324.01 – Financial Responsibility Laws for Vehicles (Other than Motorcycles).
According to Daniel Miller, insurance agent and agency owner of Brightway Insurance Jacksonville, all motorcycle owners should insure their motorcycles with the following coverages: property damage liability, bodily injury liability, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, collision coverage, and medical payment coverage. Miller states that, “Having sufficient motorcycle coverage in place is essential for the motorcyclist and the owner of the motorcycle whether Florida law requires it or not.” See Brightway Insurance – Jacksonville for more information as to motorcycle insurance and your other insurance needs.
Unfortunately, far too many motorcycle owners are uninsured or lack insurance that they need when there is a Florida motorcycle accident that results in personal injuries. Of course, a motorcycle can pursue a claim against the insurance policy of the at fault driver; however, it is typically better if the motorcyclist / biker has his or her insurance in place to cover some of the expenses and medical bills up front when there is a motorcycle accident.
Furthermore, many motorcycle accidents in Florida are hit and run type of accidents. A driver of a motor vehicle crashed into an innocent biker / motorcyclist and then flees the scene. In cases involving a hit and run driver, having the right kind and amount of motorcycle insurance in place is vital in order for the injured biker to get the medical care and compensation he or she deserves for the accident related injuries.

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