What Are the Rights of the Family of a Pedestrian in a Wrongful Death Case?

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Rights of Families of Wrongful Death Victims

In Florida, pedestrians are the unfortunate victims of being hit by motor vehicles. Some incidents take place while walking in parking lots, on sidewalks, and some even take place while on church grounds. A horrific pedestrian / automobile accident was recently reported in Deerfield Beach, Florida. It was reported that an elderly driver hit another parishioner and then continued driving while dragging the helpless victim. It was a tragic ending to the life of Luciana Porto, who was 66 years old at the time of the incident. The tragic pedestrian accident took place outside of the St. Ambros Catholic Church. Officials with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene.

Wrongful Death

When a person dies as a result of a pedestrian or automobile accident in Florida, the family of the victim can pursue a Florida Wrongful Death Case to seek damages for the untimely and negligent death of the family member. It should be noted that Florida Wrongful Death Cases are governed by the Florida Statutes. Pursuant to Chapter 768, Florida law spells out the family members who can seek damages for the loss of a loved one. Furthermore, the particular types of damages are also detailed in Chapter 768, Florida Statutes. When a family member dies, there are often questions that arise as to the payment of medical bills and funeral expenses. Furthermore, there can be issues that pertain to life insurance, health insurance, and liability insurance. Since the laws can be complicated that apply when person falls victim to the negligent acts or conduct of another person, it is often times helpful to contact a JacksonvilleĀ Personal Injury Lawyer for advice, guidance and representation.

Florida also has specific statutes in place that pertain to the operation of motor vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. There are also laws that pertain to pedestrians and other traffic related matters. See Florida Traffic Rules, Regulations, and Ordinances – Frequently Asked Questions.

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