What Are the Legal Rights of Family Members in the Florida Wrongful Death Case of a Passenger in an Automobile Accident?

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In Florida, automobile accidents and trucking accidents are reported and seen on a daily basis in virtually every community.  Tragically, some of these automobile accidents / trucking accidents result in the death of a driver and / or passenger.  When a passenger dies as a result of an automobile accident or trucking accident in Florida, a wrongful death case can be pursued if it can be established that the passenger died as a result of the negligence of one or more driver involved in the traffic accident.   As a passenger, there is rarely any fault to apportion to the passenger.  As such, when there is fault in an automobile or trucking accident, the family of the deceased passenger typically has the legal right to pursue damages pursuant to the Florida Wrongful Death Act.   The potential compensation associated with a Florida Wrongful Death case involve those related to the pain and suffering of the surviving family members entitled to pursue a claim under Chapter 768, Florida Statutes.  The family members deemed survivors under Florida law depends in part on the age of the decedent, marital status of the decedent, age of the surviving children (if any) of the decedent, and whether the decedent was survived by parents.

The provisions of the Florida Wrongful Death Act can be quite complicated to interpret.   Furthermore and more importantly, the pursuit of a Jacksonville Wrongful Death case can be quite difficult. These cases are often times heavily defended and challenged by insurance companies and defense attorneys.

A fatal automobile / trucking accident was reported in Bradford County, Florida. It was reported that a vehicle rearended a semi-tractor trailer that had stopped.  The accident took place on U.S. 301.  David Roberson was a passenger in a motor vehicle driven by Debra Sharpe that tragically rear ended the semi-tractor trailer.  It was reported that Ms. Sharpe failed to stop at a stoplight. You can read more about this fatal automobile accident at Man Dies in Car Crash in Bradford County, Florida.

When a family is dealing with the unexpected and tragic loss / death of a family member, it is important that the family is surrounded by friends, other family members, and the community.   Depending on the facts and circumstances of the accident, it may be helpful to get the advice, consultation and legal representation from a Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney.   Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. has represented injury victims and their families since 1957.  For over 50 years, the Personal Injury Attorneys have been On Your Side – At Your Side for automobile accidents and trucking accidents.

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