School Bus Accident Reported in Jacksonville Florida

  • Sumo

Two Duval County (Jacksonville), Florida School Buses were in involved in an accident. Buses from the Jacksonville Charter School were transporting children home from school when one bus rear ended a car. The force of the automobile / bus accident pushed the car into the back of another bus. No students were injured, however the driver of the car was transported to a local hospital for observation. The extent of the injuries of the driver of the car was not reported.
Millions of children ride school buses to school each day. It is important for drivers to obey the rules of the road when it comes to school bus safety. Florida has laws when it comes to stopping and obeying laws regarding a school bus. A vehicle must come to a full stop when a school bus is stopped and and is displaying a stop signal. A driver may not pass the school bus when the signals are displayed. A driver is not required to stop if they are on a divided highway with at least 5feet of unpaved space, a raised median or any other type of physical barrier. It is the duty of the school bus driver to stop as far of the street as possible. The bus driver should display stop signal and warning lights before allowing students to exit the bus. For more information see,Two School Bus Accidents Reported in Jacksonville Florida. You can read more about traffic rules and regulations at Florida Traffic Laws – Frequently Asked Questions.

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