Trenton Motorcycle Accident – Biker ( Robert J. Carrier) Died From Accident with Pick Up Truck Making U Turn

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Robert J. Carrier, a 59-year-old man of Trenton, Florida was killed after his motorcycle collided with a pickup truck that had made a U-turn in front of Carrier’s motorcycle. The driver of the pickup was identified as Jackie R. Barron, 60, also of Trenton, Florida.
According a news report posted in the Gainesville Sun, Barron made a U-turn in front of Carrier. Carrier tried to avoid the pickup by steering right, but Carrier was too close and the left front of his motorcycle struck the right front on the pickup. The collision caused Carrier to be thrown from his motorcycle and into a ditch. He was taken to Shands at the University of Florida where he later died.
Barron was not injured. Charges are pending the outcome on the investigation. Of course, if any citations are issued to the truck driver, he will be entitled to contest the citation in Court pro se or through the representation of a Florida traffic ticket attorney. If you would like to read more on this story please see Trenton motorcyclist killed after colliding with a pickup while pickup was making a U-turn.
The death of this man is a tragedy for his family and community. Because Florida has great weather year-round, many people enjoy riding or driving motorcycles. Therefore, drivers on Florida roadways need to take extra precautions, especially around motorcyclists and bicyclists. Drivers should avoid cutting others off, turning abruptly and speeding. By being attentive and taking extra precautions while driving, many Florida automobile accidents can be avoided.

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