School Bus in Orange County Florida Hits Bicyclist

  • Sumo

A 23 year old bicyclist was injured when he was struck by a Orange County, Florida school bus while riding East on Colonial Drive. The bicyclist was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center and is reported to be in stable condition. There were six students from University High school in Orlando, Florida on the school bus. According to a spokesperson from the Orange County School system, none of the students were injured.
Florida is a State filled with bicyclists and pedestrians who travel on or near the roadways every day. It is important for all drivers to pay especially close attention when driving near pedestrians and bicyclists. This includes children who walk or ride bicycles in school areas, residential, and, yes, commercial areas. It is also important for pedestrians and bicyclists to show due caution on or near Florida roadways.
There are basic rules for being safe on the road when riding a bicycle Bicyclists should always be aware and alert of any oncoming car traffic. Be sure to communicate with hand signals so that drivers are aware of your intentions. When riding a bicycle always ride with traffic and protect yourself by wearing a protective helmet. When in a accident stay with the victim until the police and/or fire rescue arrives. For more information see, School Bus In Orange County Florida Hits Bicyclist.

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