Pedestrian Death Reported in Sanford, Florida

  • Sumo

A 50 year old women was struck by a pick up truck and killed while crossing the street in Sanford, Florida. The pedestrian was attempting to cross US 17 in Sanford when she was struck by the truck that was heading Northbound. According to the police, the 50 year old, was not in the crosswalk when she was struck by the pick up truck.
When driving a car always be aware of pedestrians. When driving a car you should yield the right of way to the pedestrians. Pedestrians should cross in the properly marked crosswalks. According to some reports, four of Florida’s largest cities, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami have been called the most dangerous cities for pedestrians. For more information see, Pedestrian Death Reported in Sanford, Florida. See also Florida Laws Regarding Pedestrians and Traffic Regulations – Importance of Exercising Due Caution When Pedestrians Are Present
Florida Statute 316.130 provides regulations and guidance when pedestrians are present or near roadways and intersections. It is important for all drivers to follow this statute and other laws. Furthermore, caution should always be taken when pedestrians are in or near roadways. It is always better to slow down when a pedestrian is in or near a roadway. A few extra minutes of travel time can save a live and prevent serious personal injuries to a pedestrian.
See also Florida Traffic Statutes and Regulations – Frequently Asked Questions.

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