How Much Should I Sue for in a Florida Personal Injury Case?

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How much should I sue for in a Florida personal injury case? When a person suffers injuries in a Florida personal injury incident like an automobile accident, a lawsuit is sometimes filed in order to enforce the rights to compensation and damages of the injury victim. A question that arises many cases is as follows:

How much should I sue for in my Florida personal injury case?

When a personal injury case is filed in the State of Florida, it is typically filed in a Circuit Court which is a court under the supervision of the State of Florida court system. In Florida, there is no requirement to name a specific amount in the terms of dollars that a case is worth or that a personal injury victim is seeking through the lawsuit process. In most injury cases, it is merely alleged in the complaint that the plaintiff is seeking more than $15,000 in damages. The amount $15,000 is used because this puts the case under the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court which is where most personal injury lawsuits are litigated in the State of Florida. The process of litigating a personal injury case is quite complicated and confusing. Because of this, it is important for injury victim to retain or obtain the services of a personal injury attorney for consultation, advice, and legal representation. The attorneys that Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. have been representing injury victims in automobile accidents, motorcycle accident, trucking accidents, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death cases, and other matters since 1957. For 50 years, the attorneys at Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. have been On Your Side – At Your Side.

In evaluating a personal injury case, there are several factors that may be considered in determining the value of the case including the following:

Past and Future Medical Bills;
Past and Future Lost Wages;
Loss of Earning Capacity;
Past and Future Loss of Services
Past and Future Pain and Suffering; and
Past and Future Loss of Enjoyment of Life.

Each Florida injury case should be evaluated on its own merits. It is important that all factors are considered before making any decisions as to settlement and / or the litigation of the injury case.

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