What if You are in a Florida Automobile Accident with an Uninsured Motorist?

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In the State of Florida, there are millions of licensed drivers and registered motor vehicle owners.  Unfortunately, many of these drivers and vehicle owners are uninsured.  For one reason or another, there is no automobile insurance in place.  Insurance policies lapse for non-payment and other reasons.  Some automobile insurance policies are cancelled due to fraud, misrepresentation, or the failure to cooperate.   When an uninsured motorist is negligent and crashes into a vehicle owned or occupied by an otherwise innocent person, there are many questions and challenges that arise.  

Uninsured Motorist

As Jacksonville automobile accident attorneys, we often are told by our prospective clients and clients the following: “It is not fair that the at-fault driver and at-fault owner did not have any insurance or just had the basic minimal insurance.”  The fact is that this statement is quite true. It is not fair that innocent injury victims must rely on their own automobile insurance, the automobile insurance of family members, or the automobile insurance of the vehicle in which the injury victim was occupying at the time of the automobile accident or crash.  When there is no or just limited insurance coverage in place, it is very helpful for the injury victim to have access to or claim to what is called Uninsured Motorist insurance or Under-insured Motorist insurance otherwise referred to as UM coverage or UIM coverage.  

The application and claim process associated with UM coverage and UIM coverage can be quite complicated and confusing.  What policies apply to a particular automobile accident?  Who is covered under a particular UM or UIM insurance policy?  What is considered a family member or resident family member for UM or UIM purposes?  How much coverage is available for a particular injury victim or a particular automobile accident?

The good news is that there may be a cause of action and a way for an injury victim to get compensated in the aftermath of a Florida automobile accident even when there is no coverage in place for the at-fault driver or the at-fault motor vehicle owner.

You can read more about UM and UIM insurance and other common issues that arise in the aftermath of an automobile accident by reading the book titled – Florida Automobile Accidents – Personal Injuries – Keys to Protecting and Enforcing Your Legal Rights.  Get a free copy of this book written by attorney David A. Wolf at Florida Automobile Accidents Book.

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If you are in an automobile accident, let our experienced attorneys at Wood, Atter & Wolf help figure out the available insurance including the UM and UIM coverage.  Wood, Atter & Wolf has been representing victims of automobile accidents for over 50 years and truly has a keen understanding of insurance, automobile accidents, and, yes, the legal rights of injury victims.  Contact Wood, Atter & Wolf and get us On Your Side – At Your Side.

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