Fatal Motorcycle Accident Reported in Seminole County, Florida

  • Sumo

In Florida, motorcyclists enjoy the roads and scenery throughout the State. On most rides, the motorcyclist and passenger arrive safely at their destination. Unfortunately, on some rides, the motorcyclist and passenger suffer serious personal injuries and, in some accidents, death. The Orlando Sentinel reported on one such Florida motorcycle accident in which a motorcyclist rear ended the back of a vehicle which, in turn, lead to the death of the biker and the passenger. See Two Motorcyclists Die in Rear End Collision With Vehicle in Seminole County.
When riding motorcycles or driving vehicles on the roads and highways in the State of Florida, it is important for everyone to obey the speed limits, observe road conditions and traffic, and otherwise drive with caution. You can read about Florida laws at Florida Traffic Laws and Regulations – Frequently Asked Questions.

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