Dangers of Distracted Driving – SIx Injured in Beachline Expressway Automobile Accident

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Once again, the use of a cellular phone / distracted driving caused a horrendous crash, inflicting injuries onto six victims. The crash occurred on Beachline Expressway in Florida after the driver of a Nissan pickup truck looked down to answer his ringing cell phone and lost control of his vehicle. It was reported that the driver of the truck, 30-year-old Adam Hull, was traveling westbound in the outside lane of Beachline Expressway near marker 41. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Hull moved his gaze down to answer his ringing cell phone causing him to lose control of his pickup. Hull then veered his truck into the median, overturned and continued moving into the inside eastbound lane of Beachline Expressway. Hull’s truck eventually crashed into a GMC SUV, driven by Alexander Gasbarro, 28, of Manchester, New Hampshire. Gasbarro stated he was unable to stop in time to avoid the pickup and struck the left rear side of Hull’s truck. Hull was taken to Wuesthoff Medical Center Rockledge with minor personal injuries; Gasbarro was also taken to Wuesthoff hospital along with his 4 passengers: 28-year-old Stephanie Gasbarro; 51-year-old Christine Cormier; 2-year-old William Gasbarro; and 1-year-old Gia Gasbarro. Hull was cited with failure to maintain a single lane. For more read 6 personally injured by distracted driving on Beachline Expressway.
Talking or texting on a cell phone while driving is extremely dangerous and, often times, deadly. Talking or texting while driving has been compared to be as deadly and dangerous as drinking and driving. Using a cell phone takes a driver’s attention and focus off the roadway and increases the likelihood of being in an accident – do not use your cell phone while driving, unless in emergency situations.

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