Dangers of Distracted Driving = Texting While Driving Can Be Deadly

  • Sumo

The dangers of texting while driving has been compared the dangers of driving while intoxicated. Although many States are currently enacting legislation that reduces or prohibits cell phone use while driving, Florida has no such prohibition. Bills that would have prohibited from cell phone use while driving in Florida died in committees during the Legislature’s annual session earlier this year.
Here are some statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that show how dangerous–and deadly–cell phone use while driving, or other forms of distracted driving, can be:
– In 2008, 20% of all accidents were the result of motorists focusing their attention on something other than driving.
– 6,000 people were killed in crashed that were caused by distracted driving.
– Drivers who text are four times more likely to be involved in crash than those who focus on the road.
Other forms of distracted driving include eating, grooming, talking to passengers, and reading (including maps). The broad range of distracted driving activities is what caused the previous bills to die. Some legislators are concerned with overreaching and claim that an amount of personal responsibility comes into play. If you would like to read more on this topic please see Distracted driving, especially texting while driving, can be deadly.
Also, if you are interested in reading about recent legislation that has restricted cell phone use while driving please read Texting While Driving Now Banned in the State of Kentucky – Law Will Save Lives and Prevent Kentucky Automobile Accidents.

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