Can Motorcyclists / Bikers Lane Split on Roads and Highways in the State of Florida? What is the Florida Law on Passing for Bikers?

  • Sumo

On Florida roads and highways, lane splitting is prohibited by Florida law. In other words, a biker / motorcyclist is not permitted to pass or overtake in the same lane occupied by the vehicle overtaken. It can be quite dangerous for a motorcyclist / biker to split a lane and pass while a vehicle is still in the biker’s lane of travel. This law is in place for both the safety of the biker and the safety of other drivers operating vehicles on Florida roads and highways. See Section 316.209, Florida Statutes.
Unfortunately, motorcyclists and bikers suffer personal injuries due to accidents on Florida roads and highways. Watch Out for Motorcycles and Look Out for Motorcycles should be kept in mind any time that someone drives a vehicle on Florida roads and highways. See Florida Motorcycle Accidents.

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