Accident with Serious Personal Injuries at Tire Kingdom In Jacksonville

  • Sumo

Tire Kingdom on San Jose Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida was the scene of an accident Tuesday afternoon after a woman drove through the store’s front window. The car hit a woman who was standing outside the store which caused injuries. The serious injuries required the woman to be flown to the hospital. The driver of the car told a Channel 4 reporter that she thought she was placing the car in park, but went into drive instead.
In a pedestrian accident, the injured pedestrian can still get no-fault medical coverage, known as PIP, through her car insurance carrier. If this pedestrian owns a vehicle and maintains PIP coverage, as regulated by state law, then her initial medical bills will be covered under her own automobile insurance policy.
In addition to the initial medical bills, pedestrians can file a claim for injuries against the at-fault driver. If the at-fault driver does not have insurance or has limited bodily injury insurance, then the pedestrian can file a claim under her underinsured, uninsured (UM) coverage, if she has it.

If you have suffered injuries from a car accident, or were the victim in a pedestrian versus car accident, you should find out what your rights and options are by speaking with an experienced attorney. A Florida persona; injury lawyer can assist you in understanding your options and how to get assistance with your related medical bills.

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