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Everyone who rides a motorcycle knows, the real danger of being injured in a motorcycle accident, is just around every corner, literally. Statistics have shown that most motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, more than at any other place on our streets and highways. The fact is that motorcycle accidents can happen in a variety of places, but intersections are the most dangerous. Florida’s Motorcycle Safety Course-Basis Rider Training Program teaches bikers that they should use “extreme caution” when approaching and proceeding into an intersection, and for very good reasons. What Can Go Wrong at an Intersections Intersections pose a very … Continue reading

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FL Law Regarding Motorcycles & Motorcyclists

The State of Florida has some very stringent laws governing the use of motorcycles, for Florida registered cyclists or regarding motorcyclists traveling in and around the state. Cyclists are required to obey these laws enacted in accordance with Florida Statutes. Requirements that government motorcycles themselves as described but Florida Statutes are as follows: Motorcycle are defined under 322.01(26) has more than 50cc displacement, seat or saddle, not more than 3 wheels on the ground, excludes moped or tractor: License to operate a motorcycle require either a Motorcycle Only License, or Motorcycle Endorsement added to an existing driver’s license. Operators under 16 cannot operate a motorcycle over 150cc.  Fla 316.2085(6)(a) or ‐rent a motorcycle 316.2085(6)(b) Helmet requirements under Chapter 316: Persons under 21 years of age riding or operating a motorcycle must wear a Department of Transportation approved helmet fastened to head 316.211(1) No helmet requirement for person(s) riding within an enclosed cab or any person 16 years of age or older who is operating or riding upon a moped or motorcycle with 50cc or less displacement or is rated not in excess of 2 brake horsepower and which is not capable of propelling such moped or motorcycle at a speed greater than 30 mph on level ground.  316.211(3)(a) … Continue reading

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Common Reasons for Head-On Collisions

Florida is a Major Motorcycle Accident State Florida and especially Jacksonville and Northeast Florida has the best of both worlds, beautiful beaches and warm sunny weather. Florida tops the list as the 2nd most visited state in the union, second only to California. Additionally, Florida is also one of the fastest growing state in the country with over 1,000 people a day moving in according to census data. With all this growth and record numbers of tourists, it should be no surprise Florida’s motorcycle accident numbers rank amongst the highest in the nation. There were 344,170 traffic accidents in Florida in … Continue reading

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Truck Accidents and Their Causes

The overwhelming majority of trucking accidents that occur are the result of a mistake committed by the semi-truck driver. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) 62% of all trucking accidents are the results of truck driver error. There are many issues that contribute to trucking accidents and the enormous consequences it has on victims and their families. Common Reasons for Truck Accidents There are a multitude of reasons in which an accident can occur, below are some of the more common. Deadlines for delivering goods from one destination to another. All semi-truck drivers have stringent deadlines. Delivering their … Continue reading

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