Driving Limit Change May Be Proposed for Truckers – 10 Hours versus 11 Hours

  • Sumo

Trucking accidents continue to take place across the Nation. Driver fatigue and driver inattention can be attributed to many of these accidents. Currently, federal laws allow truck drivers to drive for 11 hours before taking a break. Lawmakers and safety experts are considering a proposal to reduce the allowable driving time to 10 hours. While the 1 hour difference does not seem to be significant, many truck drivers and businesses will lobby against such a change because ove time – hours can add up and will effect profits and wages or income earned by truck drivers.
The safety of truck drivers and others on the Nation’s roadways should be primary concern when weighing the pros and cons with the change in driving time limits. You can read more about this story at 10 Hour Driving Limit for Truckers Proposed.

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