Water Scooter Accident Causes Serious Injuries at Nudist Resort in Osecola County, Florida

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A couple sustained personal injuries after a crash involving a water scooter near Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Osceola County, Florida. According to emergency workers, the couple hit a sea wall while riding the scooter near the resort around 7:45 p.m. Eyewitnesses told authorities they believed the scooter was traveling at a rate near 40 mph when the crash occurred. The couple, a man and a woman, both 62-years-old, were transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center by helicopter. The man had two broken arms, as well as a laceration on his head. The woman was treated and eventually released from the medical center. For more read Couple injured in water scooter accident in Osceola, Florida.
Although wave runners, jet skis and water scooters are fun and enjoyable for people of all ages, these boats / watercrafts are highly dangerous and must be operated with great care and concentration. Below is a list of simple Safety Tips one should use when operating one of these water devices:
1. Wear a Life Jacket. Some State laws require individuals under a certain age to wear a life jacket. However, these devices have proven to save lives and should be worn by everyone who is operating these devices or riding as a passenger.
2. Use the device’s safety precautions. These devices typically come equipped with a “kill cord,” a device that operates as a kill switch when the operator goes overboard, deactivating the device.
3. Stay Alert. There are many other boats, skiers, divers and swimmer around, be aware of your surroundings at all times.
4. Do not drink and operate watercraft or boatss. Intoxication serves as a distraction and neither operators nor passengers should be on these devices if they have consumed alcohol.

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