Volusia County Florida Toddler (Elijah Eckhardt) Drowns in Grandparents’ Swimming Pool

  • Sumo

A 2-year-old boy of Volusia County, Florida, has tragically died after falling into a swimming pool at his grandparents’ house in DeLand, Florida. The toddler, Elijah Eckhardt, was pronounced dead at Florida Hospital South in Orlando, where he was transferred after he was discovered by his 10-year-old brother. According to investigators, Elijah wandered from his parents’ home and apparently walked to his grandparents’ home next door where he fell into the swimming pool. The toddler’s father told deputies he put the child down for a nap and left the home after his wife arrived home. The mother began to make dinner and when she went to wake Elijah from his nap he was missing. The family instantly began to search their large plot of land, which includes four other home sites where other relatives reside. Deputies arrivied at the grandparents’ home around 5 p.m.; Spokesman for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, Gary Davidson, says it is unknown how long the child was in the pool. Elijah was unresponsive when paramedics arrived but was resuscitated at the hospital. Elijah was in critical condition and on life support when he was airlifted to Florida Hospital South where he was later pronounced dead. For more details please see >2-year-old boy dies after falling into grandparents pool in DeLand, Florida.
Drownings are leading cause of death for toddlers and children because they do not understand the inherent dangers of playing in the water. Parents should always supervise their children while the children are in the water. Other water safety tips include putting a protective gate or other border around residential pools, not letting children play in the water when they are fatigued and maintain constant and incessant supervision of the child when he or she is in the water.

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