Clearwater Beach – Gainesville Doctor Dies After Near Drowning Incident at Beach

  • Sumo

In Clearwater Beach, Florida, it was reported that a Gainesville Radiologist (George Wladyka) went alone for a swim and was later found unresponsive by another swimmer / beach goer. Dr. Wladyka practiced at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida. An autopsy will be performed to determine if the cause of death was drowning related, as the result of a medical condition, and / or a combination of both. It is a sad loss for the family and community. See Gainesville Doctor Dies After Near Drowning Incident at Clearwater Beach, Florida.
It is not clear from the story above whether the swimmer died as a result of a drowning or a medical incident. Nevertheless, stories like these should remind everyone of all ages to swim with a buddy and to take all precautions necessary when at a pool, lake, pond, or ocean. Yes, Florida provides people of all ages great weather and water ways; however, the water ways can present dangers that can cause serious personal injuries and even deaths.

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