What Is the Law on Following Too Closely in Florida? Automobile Accidents and Personal Injuries

  • Sumo

Pursuant to Florida Statute sec. 316.0895, the driver of an automobile shall not follow another automobile more closely than is reasonable and prudent. The driver shall taken into consideration the speech of the vehicles, the amount of traffic and condition of the highway. Those persons driving trucks, trucks drawing another vehicle, or a vehicle towing another vehicle or trailer shall not follow within 300 feet of the same while traveling upon a roadway outside of a business or residential district. Those vehicles traveling in a caravan or motorcade outside a business or residential district, whether or not towing another vehicle, shall allow sufficient space between such vehicles as to permit any other vehicle to enter and occupy such space without danger (this does not include funeral processions). A violation of this section is considered a noncriminal traffic infraction. To read the actual language of the Florida statute see Fl. Stat. sec. 316.0895 – Following too closely.

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