What Is the Law in Florida Regarding Following Too Closely – Rear End Automobile Accidents?

  • Sumo

The law in Florida regarding vehicles following too closely falls under Title XXIII, Motor Vehicles, Chapter 316, State Uniform Traffic Control, sec. 316.0895 – Following too closely. Pursuant to this statute, drivers shall not follow another motor vehicle more closely than is reasonably prudent. Drivers shall also have the due regard of the speed of such vehicles, as well as the traffic upon, and the condition of, the highway.
If you are driving a motor vehicle that is towing another vehicle and are traveling upon a roadway outside a business or residence district, you may not follow within 300 feet of another motor truck. Motor vehicles being driven upon any roadway outside a business or residence district in a caravan, whether or not towing other vehicles, shall be operated so as to allow sufficient space between each vehicle or combination of vehicles as to enable other vehicles to enter or occupy such space without danger.
A violation of this statute is deemed a non-criminal moving traffic violation.
Following too closely is one of many practices drivers engage in all too often. It is important to keep Florida roads, highways and streets safe because many children are being transported among these roads. Keep a safe distance to ensure that you have plenty of time to break and stop your vehicle without rear-ending another. It is also important for drivers to stay attentive at all times – do not talk or text on your cell phone while driving. Distracted driving is a major cause collisions and traffic-related personal injuries. Thus, stay attentive, be aware of your surroundings, wear your seat belt and do not follow too close – all of these practices are simple ways drivers can make Florida roads a safer place for adults and children.

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