House Party – Death of Alabama Football Player – 4 Arrested

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The consequences of underage drinking and illegal drug use will virtually affect all college campuses, communities and students whether they partake in the illegal activities or not.
In Fernandina Beach (Nassau County), Florida, four people were arrested in connection with a house party where a University of Alabama football player, Aaron Douglas, was found dead. The Fernandina Beach Police Department said that the four residents of the house were charged with allowing an open house party where at least 16 people younger than 21 drank alcohol or used drugs.
The body of twenty one-year-old Douglas, offensive lineman, was found on the home’s balcony. He was vacationing in Fernandina Beach and had gone to the home after being invited to a party. The Nassau County medical examiner’s report found that Douglas died from the drugs found in his system. The residents charged with allowing an open house party were Neal Clements, 22; Nathanial Flanders, 21; Daniel Stouter, 24; and Dana Luberto, 23. Of course, each Defendant will be entitled to legal representation by a Florida Public Defender and / or by a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney.
Under Florida law, it is illegal to allow an open house party to take place if any alcoholic beverage or illegal drug is possessed or consumed by a minor. Any person having control of the residence should take reasonable steps to prevent the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs. Any person found in violation of Florida Statute, 856.015 Open House Parties- commits a misdemeanor of the second degree.
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