Florida Slip and Fall Law – Store or Premises Liability

  • Sumo

Florida slip and fall law requires proof be provided that the fall was due to the action or inaction of facility where the injured party fell. For instance, if you are shopping in a Jacksonville store and you slip on water and fall to the ground, the simple fact that the water was there does not mean that the store is responsible for your injuries.
Then how can a facility be responsible for your injuries? First, if an employee carried water bottles that had a leak in them, therefore putting the water on the floor, then the store would most likely be responsible because its employee created the condition. Second, if the injured party can prove or show that the water had been on the floor long enough that a normal inspection of the facility would have given notice to the store. For instance, if the water had footprints, dirt, debris, etc., then it shows that the water had been on the floor longer than a few seconds and possibly minutes.
Florida slip and fall cases are challenging for an injured party because the injured party has to prove that the store or facility was negligent. If you are the victim slip and fall incident and suffer personal injuries, try to have someone take pictures of the area where you fell so it better documents the scene at the time. Also, get legal advice regarding your rights and the responsibilities of the store or business from a Florida personal injury attorney to better understand the legal and practical issues involved with the slip and fall incident.

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