Falls – A Leading Cause of Visits to Emergency Rooms Involving Personal Injuries

  • Sumo

According to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, accidental falls are the number one injury-related reason for emergency rooms visits. The American College of Emergency Physicians suggests the primary way of avoiding these types of falls is prevention.
Facts about Unintentional Falls:

– 33% of home-injury-deaths are a result of falls; the leading cause.
– More than 40% of nonfatal injuries are a result of falls.
– Children under 5-years-old and adults over 70-years-old are most at risk.
– For children, the most severe falls are associated with baby walkers and play equipment such as trampolines.
– For older adults, falls are generally associated with lower-body weaknesses, difficulty with balance and walking, sight impairment, chronic illness or a history of stroke.
Methods of Prevention:
– Remove clutter from all areas of your home – do not leave objects on stairs or in walkways.
– Use nightlights. Ensure the tops and bottoms of staircases are well lit.
– Repair loose stairway carpet or boards.
– Ensure the bottoms of bathtubs and showers have non-skid surfaces.
– Check playground equipment to ensure it is in a good and safe condition before allowing your child to play on the equipment.
– For younger children, parents should consider using locking gates near stairways.
– Windows accessible to children under 5-years-old should be sealed.
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