Even Professional Athletes Can Slip and Fall – the Dangers of Wet Floors and Florida Law on Point

  • Sumo

The Orlando Magic and the Charlotte Bobcats recently played a basketball game in Charlotte. Vince Carter, a veteran NBA player, slipped on a part of the playing court that was wet from mopping. Coach Stan Van Gundy was quite upset over the condition of the floor and the failure of the maintenance crew to make sure that the floor was dry and properly maintained for safe play. You can read about this story at Orlando Magic Hold Off Charlotte Bobcats – Vince Carter Injured in Wet Floor Mishap.
This story made news because it involved a NBA game and an important player to the Orlando Magic. In Florida, incidents involving wet floors and the failure to maintain a store, business, restaurant, or other common area are quite common. While most slip and fall incidents do not involve professional athletes, the facts can be similar to the one reported in the professional basketball game. In Florida, a property or business owner can be held liable for injuries caused by a wet floor if the property or business owner knew or should have known about the dangerous area and failed to properly maintain the area or failed to otherwise post warning signs and barriers in or around the area. Consistent attention to details and safety can help prevent many Florida slip and fall incidents from taking place.

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