Florida Product Liability Claims and Lawsuits for Defective Vehicles – What Are My Legal Rights as a Personal Injury Victim? What Are the Legal Duties of the Automobile Manufacturer?

  • Sumo

Earlier this year, the dominant news story was the sudden acceleration and brake failure on many Toyota model cars and trucks that caused a number of accidents and “runaway” vehicle events.
Typically, motor vehicle product liability claims are for vehicles or parts that have a manufacturing defect, or vehicles or parts that have a design defect. In most cases, all or some of the following entities may be pursued for a motor vehicle product liability claims:
• The manufacturer of the vehicle
• The manufacturer of the parts
• The vehicle dealer
• The automotive supplier or repair shop
If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident involving a defective vehicle – either yours or the other driver’s – both of you could have a defective vehicle liability claim. If the other driver was also negligent, that may be added to your case as well.
Types of liability in defective motor vehicle cases include:
• Strict product liability – where you must simply prove that the vehicle or part was defective;
• Breach of express warranty – where the defect was a violation of the manufacturers’ written warranty or guarantee;
• Breach of implied warranty – where a state’s minimum standard for the product has not been met.
If you or a member of your family has been the victim of an accident caused by a defective motor vehicle or part, contact a Florida Products Liability Personal Injury Lawyer for advice and consultation regarding your legal rights.

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