Two Bikers Injured and Hospitalized in Miami Dade (Krome Avenue) Florida

  • Sumo

Two motorcyclists were hospitalized after they collided with a tractor trailer on Krome Avenue in Miami Dade, Florida. The two men, both in their 50s, were transported by air to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Officials say both men sustained serious personal injuries.
Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the motorcycle accident. Apparently, according to the FHP, one of the motorcyclists, who was driving southbound on Krome Avenue, crashed head-on with a northbound tractor trailer. The driver of the trailer tried to stop, forcing the trailer to jack-knife and hit the other motorcyclist. If you would like to read more on this story please see Two men sustain serious personal injuries and were hospitalized after colliding with a tractor trailer.
Hopefully, both men have a full recovery. Florida roads, streets and highways are dangerous. People are traveling at high speeds and are not always the most attentive – drivers now face many more distractions because of cell phones. Drivers of automobiles and motorcycles need to stay attentive to their surroundings while driving. Also, although it is not a Florida Law to wear a helmet while driving or riding a motorcycle, helmets decrease the likelihood of death and serious personal injury by a dramatic percentage. The report did not say whether or not these men were wearing helmets.

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