Tragic Motorcycle / Pick Up Truck Accident in Charlotte County Florida

  • Sumo

A fatal motorcycle accident occurred in Charlotte County, Florida at Bermont Road near the Glades County line. The driver of a pickup truck was traveling eastbound on County Road 74 and into oncoming traffic, which caused two motorcyclists, who were traveling west bound on CR-74, to slam on their breaks in order to avoid a collision. The evasive action caused both motorcyclists to be ejected from their bikes. The driver of the pickup also took evasive action by traveling into the north shoulder. Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputies confirmed the death of one of the motorcyclists, a 63-year-old Florida man. The other motorcyclists was reported in fair condition at Lee Memorial Hospital. The Florida Highway Patrol is currently conducting an investigation. For more details see Fatal motorcycle accident in Charlotte County, Florida kills 63-year-old man.
Due to the heavy amount of traffic on Florida roadways, Florida drivers need to be extra cautious. Drivers need to refrain from distracted driving behaviors, which include but are not limited to: eating or drinking, texting or talking on a cell phone, excessively talking to other passengers inside the vehicle and grooming. These behaviors take a driver’s attention and focus off the roadway and can be fatal.

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