Motorcycle versus Garbage Truck Accident Leads to Fatal Injuries to Biker

  • Sumo

In Florida, residents and visitors enjoy using Florida roadways to ride motorcycles. Due to the year round use of the roads and number of motorcycles on the road, Florida, unfortunately, has its fair share of motorcycle accidents that lead to serious personal injuries and deaths. In Ormond Beach, Florida, the Ormond Beach Police Department reported that a 63 year old man from Weeki Wachee (Rene Jean Brunet, Jr.) dies when he was ejected from his motorcycle as a result of a crash with a garbage truck. While Mr. Brunet was wearing a helmet, this was not enough to protect him from the fatal injuries from this motorcycle / garbage truck accident. See Biker Loses Life in Motorcycle / Garbage Truck Accident.
All drivers of vehicles and operators of motorcycles should do their best to drive at a safe speed and slow down for traffic and other vehicles. Speeding and driver distraction are major problems on Florida roadways. While it would be impractical to believe that all accidents can be avoided, many accidents can be avoided with safer driving and better attention to the road, traffic, other vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians.

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