Motorcycle Ride on Easter Sunday in Jacksonville Leads to Death of Biker (Kenneth Ruiter)

  • Sumo

While Easter brings with it Church, Easter Egg Hunts, and Easter Dinner, in 2011, it also brought to Jacksonville, Florida the unfortunately and untimely death of Kenneth Ruiter. it was reported by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office that Mr. Ruiter lost control of the motorcycle and then the front wheel locked up. As a result, Mr. Ruiter was thrown off of the motorcycle. The motorcycle accident took place at Aquatic Drive and Atlantic Boulevard in a shopping center parking lot. Kenneth Ruiter was a well liked man who some described as an amicable big guy. See Easter Morning Motorcycle Crash Kills Atlantic Beach Man.
It is sad that a person so young lost his life while riding a motorcycle. A full investigation will be completed by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and / or the Florida Highway Patrol since the accident involved a death.
Even a simple accident while riding a motorcycle can lead to serious personal injuries and even death. In some cases, a helmet can make a difference as to the severity of injuries. In other accidents, the benefit of a helmet may be limited due to the type of impact and trauma caused by the crash.

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