Motorcycle Accident in West Jacksonville Results in Life Threatening Personal Injuries

  • Sumo

In Florida and Other States, motorcycle accidents are reported on a daily basis. While the sport, hobby, and transportation by motorcycle can be quite fun and liberating, it also carries with it dangers and risks of serious personal injury and, even, death. The Jacksonville Times Union newspaper reported that two people suffered personal injuries that were life threatening in nature. The accident involved a motorcycle with a rider and passenger. The motorcycle crashed into a residential yard in the Westside area of Jacksonville (Duval County). In particular, the motorcycle crossed through a parking lot, a street, hit a mailbox, and landed in a yard. Both the operator and passenger of the were transported to Shands Jacksonville Hospital with serious personal injuries. You can read more about this motorcycle accident at Two People Suffer Life Threatening Personal Injuries in Jacksonville Florida Motorcycle Accident.
This accident is just one of many that take place on and off of Florida roads and highways that involve motorcycles. The reason that motorcycle injuries can result in such serious injuries is that the only thing that stands between the rider and concrete is usually a helmet. While a helmet is a good safety measure, it cannot and does not protect a rider or occupant from all injuries and can only prevent or reduce head injuries in some motorcycle accidents but certainly not all accidents.

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