Motorcycle Accident in Jacksonville Florida Results in Life Threatening Personal Injuries

  • Sumo

A motorcyclist and his passenger were hospitalized as a result of the personal injuries each sustained after the motorcycle ran the rear of car in Northwest Jacksonville, Florida. The driver of the motorcycle collided with the vehicle after the car turned in front of motorcycle at the intersection of New Kings Road and Moncrief-Dinsmore Road. The operator of the motorcycle sustained life-threatening personal injuries, his female passenger sustained non-life-threatening personal injuries and no one in the car was injured. Traffic homicide detective James Gregory said the driver of the motorcycle and his passenger were not believed to be wearing helmets. No tickets or traffic citations were issued in the crash. For more read 2 hospitalized after motorcycle-car crash in Northwest Jacksonville, Florida. In Jacksonville, Florida, the roadways are incredibly busy with drivers and motorcyclists. Florida drivers need to stay attentive and keep their focus on the road.

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