Importance of Safety At Shooting Ranges

  • Sumo

Shooting ranges across the nation are receiving criticisms and facing legal obstacles due to a widespread concern about the ranges’ safety, noise and environmental effects of lead contamination. Many owners of shooting ranges are currently involved in legal battles with neighboring residents or local governments. Most of the lawsuits are claims by the neighboring residents calling the shooting ranges a nuisance due to the high level of noise produced by the ranges. Another reason for initiating the lawsuits against the shooting ranges is that many neighboring residents are finding stray bullets on their property, such as roof tops and front and back yards. Some neighbors of the shooting ranges have even been struck my stray bullets. For instance, Louise Neeser is believed to have been struck by a stray bullet outside her home while she was doing yard work. Doctors informed her that something had torn through the side of her face. Neeser’s personal injuries consist of permanent jaw and eye damage as well as debilitating headaches. Many local governments worry that the lead remnants found in bullets and shell casings may have a severe environmental impact and could potentially seep into communities’ ground water supply. If you would like to read more on this topic please see Practice safety at shooting ranges.
It is important that shooting ranges have appropriate licenses and permits that legally allow the shooting ranges to conduct it regular course of business. Proper licensing and permits imply that the range has met all safety criteria and that the facility is also safe for its patrons and neighboring residents.

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