Don’t Fire Guns in Air to Celebrate – Dangers to Others – Man Suffers Gun Shot Wound from Falling Bullet in Bradenton Florida

  • Sumo

A man from Manatee County, Florida, was apparently shot and sustained personal injuries by some celebratory gun fire on New Year’s Eve. The wounded man was identified as Robert Benafield, 36, of Bradenton, Florida. Benafield was in his backyard just before midnight when he suddenly felt a pain on the right-side of his body near his hip. Benafield went into the house to examine his pain and realized he had been shot. According to deputies the bullet entered into Benafield’s body about two inches above his hip and traveled down about five inches. Benafield told deputies he had heard gunfire earlier as part of of a New Year’s celebration. Benafield was treated at a local hospital and released. If you would like to read more on this story please see Bradenton, Florida man shot on New Year’s Eve by apparent celebratory gun fire.
This man is very lucky he did not sustain more severe personal injuries or was killed. Guns are extremely dangerous weapons and should only be used under proper supervision and in safe and designated environments, this does not include firing a gun in a neighborhood around families and children. If you would like to read Florida laws on firearms please see Florida Law Regarding Minors (Under the Age of 18) and Firearms or Florida Law on BB Guns and Children – Dangers of BB Guns – Risks of Personal Injury and Death.

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