Deadly Condo Fire Reported in Orlando (Orange County) Florida

  • Sumo

Orlando officials are investigating a fire that killed one person and sent two other victims to the hospital. The fire broke out at Harbor Beach Condominiums in Orange County, Florida near Lake Margaret Drive. Of the two victims treatedin the hospital, one was treated for smoke inhalation and the other for a psychological condition. Officials are not releasing the identity of the female victim who died in the fire until autopsy results are released. The woman, who was the the bedroom of her second-story apartment, is claimed to be drunk and asleep at the time the fire ignited. The woman’s neighbor, Cristin Crismon and Crismon’s boyfriend, who live across the hall, attempted to help the victim but the flames were too powerful to save her. It took firefighters ten minutes to put the fire out. Two apartments were affected by the fire, the one where the fire started and Crismon’s apartment. The American Red Cross is providing aid to those families affected by the fire. The State Fire Marshal’s Office is awaiting lab results to determine how the fire was started. For more details on this story please see One killed and 2 hospitalized after fire in Orlando apartment complex.
Although the cause of this fire has not yet been determined and it is difficult to say what events could have been prevented, all homes and apartments should have smoke detectors installed. The smoke detectors should be inspected frequently to ensure the devices are working properly; check the batteries monthly and change the batteries twice annually.

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