Orlando, Florida – McConnell Family Loses Father and Three Sons – Victims of Drunk Driving

  • Sumo

Four family members were tragically killed by a drunk driver in St. Petersburg, Florida while driving home from a beach vacation. Elroy “Roy” McConnell, 51, a triathlete and accountant, his children, Elroy “Roy” McConnell III, 28, and Nathan McConnell, 24, and Kelly McConnell, 19, were pronounced death at the scene. McConnell was driving at about 12:45 a.m. when the driver of a Chevrolet Impala ran a red light, hitting the family head on. Demetrius D. Jordan, 20, was the driver of the Impala and his friend, Mario D. Robinson, 20, was a passenger. Both were taken to a Bayfront Medical Center with serious injuries.
Jordan has been charged with 4 counts of DUI manslaughter, DUI causing serious bodily injury and possession of alcohol by a minor. He is entitled to an defense attorney. If you would like to read more on this story see Minor drunk driver kills a family of four of St. Petersburg, Florida.
These deaths are a tragedy for the family and the community. Driving drunk can kill. Alcohol reduces a person’s judgment, slows his or her reaction time and impairs his or her sight and hearing. If you have consumed alcohol you should refrain from driving. Calling a cab or having a designated driver is a cheap or free life-saving alternative.

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