What Dogs Are Considered Dangerous Dogs in Jacksonville (Duval County) Florida?

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Pursuant to Sec. 462.402 in the Jacksonville, Florida Code of Ordinances, a “dangerous dog” is defined as a dog as any dog whose actions, according to records and after investigation, meet at least one of the following:
1. A dog who bites, endangers or otherwise aggressively attacks a human or inflicts severe injury on a human either on public or private property, including the owner’s property;
2. A dog who attacks or bites another dog or domesticated animal and cuases severe injury or death to the other dog or domesticated animal upon public or private property, including the owner’s property;
3. Is a dog trained for dog fighting or is being used for the purposes of dog fighting; or
4. A dog who chases or approaches a human in a menacing or threatening manner and in an apparent attitude of attack while the human is conducting himself/herself in a peaceful and lawful manner.
These dogs are exempt from the above described definitions of “dangerous dog”:
1. A dog who is engaged in the performance of duties while under the supervision of law enforcement officials.
2. A dog who attacks or bites a human while the human in engaged in or attempting to engage in criminal activity at the time of the attack.
3. A dog who attacks a human while the human is willfully trespassing upon the property of its owner or, is tormenting, abusing or assaulting, the dog or its owner or a family member.
4. The dog is protecting or defending a human within its immediate vicinity from an unjustified assault or attack.
5. A dog attacks another dog or other domesticated animal on its owner’s property while the dog or other domesticated animal is there without consent.
6. The dog is engaged in any legal hunt or training procedure.
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